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QR Codes on Your Luggage Tags, Why Not?

April 17, 2013 at 7:11 AM | by | ()

At this point you probably have a favorite luggage tag. It might be the one that came with your suitcase, or maybe it’s a snazzy one that you scored in your travels. For quite some time ours was a just free paper one—thanks Delta—that was hanging on by a thread; however, we’ve thankfully upgraded and moved on from that one. If you’re still in the market for a piece of suitcase flair, head over to GoCodes and they will get you set up.

GoCodes take a unique spin on the traditional luggage tag, as in addition to pictures of flags, flowers, or kitties there’s also one of those QR codes on the back. The code is linked to your account, so if your bag every goes on vacation without you it’ll be able to find its way back home—at least in theory.

There’s all different levels from which you can choose, and each comes with a certain number of unique codes and contact options. However, the base model tag can be had for around $10. In addition to luggage tags there’s also stickers you can slap onto your phone, iPad, headphones, or anything else.

Sure we think this a cool idea, as we’d certainly love to get our stuff back if we left it behind. However, we’re not totally convinced that QR codes are here to stay. We don’t even have one of those readers on our mobile device. Regardless, it’s just one more tool to help you get your stuff back, so our suggestion is to also include your Twitter handle and a couple other social media contacts besides the usual stuff. That’ll probably work a little better—no? We've got our eyes on that butterfly one...

[Photo: GoCodes]

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