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Now Hiring: Flight Attendant Barbie

Where: Thailand
March 4, 2013 at 3:29 PM | by | ()

It takes a special sort of person to be a flight attendant. In the early days of airplane travel, flight attendants were a cross between nurses and bellboys, then the jet era called for them to be glamorous representatives of the airline. Today, flight attendants are recognized as service professionals who often undertake a full career in the skies.

Thailand's budget airline Nok Air is still seemingly stuck in that early jet age mindset, however, as they've just launched a recruitment drive via Facebook, with requirements that read more like Barbie's resume than a job posting.

Some of the strict requirements:

· Females, "age not over 25 (at the time of application)"
· No shorter than 160 cm (about 5'2")
· Weight proportionate to height
· "Excellent communication skills" in English and Thai (and a TOEIC score to prove it). A third language would be an advantage, preferably Mandarin Chinese
· Minimum education is a Bachelor's degree
· You must supply photos of yourself in both formal and casual dress

Note that all of this comes mere weeks after their nearly nude calendar scandal.

Having flown on Nok, we can vouch for the fact that the airline is receiving exactly those whom they seek. Our Nok attendants were young, slim, sociable, and ready with both a snack and a smile. Are they having fun? Flying to the paradise of Phuket sure seems like fun. Will they be doing this forever? Definitely not. When an airline recruits in this way, they've already got an expiration date in mind for the crop of new recruits.

[Image: Nok Air on Facebook]

Archived Comments:

Asian Airlines: Stuck in the Stoneages

Asian, as well as some Middle Eastern airlines are stuck in the 1950's in terms of their social attitudes. They are still allowed to hire only "model-type" females and force them to resign before their flower wilts at age 32. They pay pittance yet demand work days in excess of 18 hours where they must look "camera ready" at all times. Homophobia continues to run rampant in many of these cultures - many Eastern carriers still won't hire male crew members. Their focus is on appearance, perfectly pressed uniforms, and 18 hours of fake smiles. I prefer Western carriers. They care about service AND safety in equal measure. And speaking of equal, if you have the experience and education, it doesn't matter if you wouldn't make the cover of Vogue or if you were born a dude. I have serious doubts about 90 lb. Asian 22-year-olds having the strength to perform C.P.R. for an hour on a 200 lb. man in cardiac arrest. Can they really open and carry the 75 lb. over-wing exit, or the 150 lb. life raft? Can they rescue a non-ambulatory disabled passenger 1/2 way down the aircraft to the nearest usable exit in an evacuation? Perhaps some are, but the emphasis on outdated social norms is a detriment to the otherwise qualified candidates applying to those carriers, to the societies in which they work keeping prejudices alive, and to the passengers who experience medical emergencies, in flight fires, or worse who have 4 90lb Barbies between them and death.

Have a good grill!

No braces allowed! (Not even Invisalign?)