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North Korea Shuts Down 3G Internet Access for Tourists, but the Instagrams Remain

March 27, 2013 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

After little less than a month of 3G internet access for foreigners visiting North Korea, Wired UK reports that the signal has been shut down as the hermit kingdom once again retreats into its usual campaign of warmongering.

Still, for that brief period, a few journalists were able to post tweets and Instagrams live from within the borders and, ever so briefly, skyrocket international cultural interest in a country that's usually only making headlines for their politics. Perhaps the 3G access was cut because of this, these images of a "softer side" of North Korea that's contrary to the propaganda officially proliferated by Pyongyang? We can only wonder as, of course, the last thing we can expect is clarification of any actions taken by North Korea.

If you missed the stream of social media during the brief 3G period, it thankfully all lives on in the internet. Here's where to find it:

· The Instagrams of the AP's Chief Photographer in Asia, David Guttenfelder. He's since returned from North Korea, so you'll have to scroll through his photos to find the Pyongyang ones from last month, but trust us when we say that they are truly worth a look.
· The Instagrams of the AP's Korea Bureau Chief, Jean Lee. Lee divides his time between Seoul and Pyongyang, and he focuses on current NK propaganda images just as much as he does banal daily life.
· The tweets and instagrams of VICE producer Jason Mojica, who recently accompanied B-baller Dennis Rodman on his trip to Pyongyang to meet with Kim Jong-un and create a VICE show for HBO. Theirs was the "VIP" look at North Korea, complete with 10-course meals and constant supervision (like this).

[Photo: elmodernisto/Jason Mojica on Instagram]

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