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Where Could You Fly with One Million Delta SkyMiles?

March 14, 2013 at 2:57 PM | by | Comments (0)

We often sit back and take a look at the balances on our frequent flyer accounts, all the while dreaming of more miles and more locations. Sometimes our imagination gets the best of us, and we’re thinking about where to go with this many miles or that many miles. At that point we might as well go all in, so we’ve started to think about where to go with one million miles:

We’ve flown with Delta more than we would like to admit, so we’ll start by dreaming up faux flights with them. One million miles will buy you, at the most basic level, 40 round-trip domestic flights in coach—that’s like pretty much one flight for every week of the year with a few leftover to head into the office to confirm your employment. At 40,000 miles per round-trip you can sit up front, but that’s going to limit you to just 25 round-trip flights in and around most of the United States and Canada.

Europe is always a possibility as well, as the back-of-the-bus flights start at just 60,000 SkyMiles—assuming you can actually find low award availability. Unfortunately, with Delta SkyMiles, looking for the low awards is just like dreaming about more miles—it’s all fiction. Regardless of how we feel about their in-flight currency, a million miles will get you back and forth between Europe and the United States about 16 times in economy and 10 times in business class.

The true fun is planning an around-the-world itinerary, and with a million miles you might just be able to go around in one direction—and then head back in the other. Delta is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, so to complete your travel you’ll hope on some flights from Air France, KLM, Alitalia, or Korean Air. If you do your booking through Delta it’ll cost you 180,000 for an economy around-the-world, and it’ll be 280,000 to do things in business class. All that includes three stopovers per continent with a maximum of six total stopovers—going in one direction—sounds good to us.

So there you have it. If we had to choose, we'd go around the world twice—once in each direction—and we’ll do it in business class (for our health). That’s 560,000 miles, and after that we guess we’ll head over to Europe a couple of times—that’s another 200,000 in business. To finish things off we might head over to Australia for 150,000, and finally we’ll just go to Hawaii to relax—we’ll do that final flight in coach.

If we did our math correctly—and that's a big if—that’ll leave us around 50,000 to screw around with. Too bad we only have about that many to use outside of our frequent flyer fantasy land.

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