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Is 'Koalaing' the New Planking?

March 12, 2013 at 11:10 AM | by | ()

We know Ellen Degeneres is heading off to Australia very soon after she "pulled an Oprah" and surprised her audience with tickets down under. Now, it seems the talk show host is trying to start a new trend. Koalaing!

Planking has come and gone, "owling" has come and gone, and now we are witness to a new craze of making like the cute and cuddly Australian marsupials. Just like a koala hangs out in gum trees, one person latches on to another with all 4 limbs; wrapping arms and legs around the person. It looks ridiculous, but we imagine it would make for great photo ops. (side note: koalas are not as friendly as they look).

After choosing 2 lucky participants to fly from Sydney to LA to hang with Ellen in her studio audience, Ellen Tweeted and Instagramed a photo of the winner koalaing a male flight attendant on the 14-hour flight from Australia. In fact, Ellen thinks that it's a viable way to travel with a tweet like this:

If you have a look at a twitter search for the hastag, this might just catch on. Just make sure you consider the size of the people involved. It could end in tears like Drew Scott's reply:

[Photo: The Ellen Show Instagram]

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