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The Obligatory 'If You're Traveling This Weekend, Don't' Blizzard Warning

February 8, 2013 at 3:47 PM | by | ()

Good God in heaven. It's getting worse. 2,792 cancellation this morning have become 4,500 flights canceled since Thursday, with numbers still "likely to grow." As we told you this morning, the New York airports are pretty much shut down, and have now reached more than 1,800 total flights canceled today and another 640 shut down for tomorrow. In Boston Nemo is scoring a perfect 10/10 on the Weather Channel's Winter Impact Index. If you were thinking of traveling to New England in the near future, make other plans.

Also be ready to make other plans if you're traveling to any airports with airlines that have New England hubs. It's not just people trying to get to and from the East Coast any more. It's anyone who was going to pass through, or anyone who needed a plane that's currently there. Houston's already had 100 preemptive cancellations and Miami's up to 90. A "ripple effect," is how we believe the airline industry refers to it. Flightaware's cancellation page is where you want to go to see if you've been personally screwed by Nemo, or whether it's just everyone else in the country.

In the meantime may we suggest a review first of our post from this morning on general blizzard survival tips, then of our Surviving a Cancelled Flight 101 series from Hurricane Sandy? We went beyond our usual advice of "find a power outlet, put on headphones, and stop whining," publishing guides on what to buy when you're stuck and how to pass the time at the major airports and how to rebook with Expedia.

We also made suggestions at the time regarding going on a road trip and making your friends hate you, but those aren't as straightforwardly useful if you're stuck inside an airport. Though in all honesty you shouldn't really be stuck inside an airport today or tomorrow, because you should have known better than to leave your house or hotel in the first place.

All the big airlines are waiving fees for people trying to get around the storm but, if past experience is any guide to future prospects, people who are stuck on the ground should get themselves comfy for the next couple of days.

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