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No Photos Allowed! Hawaii Ponders Punishing Paparazzi with 'Steven Tyler Act'

February 6, 2013 at 9:08 AM | by | ()

There’s so much to photograph across the islands of Hawaii. There’s the sun, the sand, the waves, and even the celebrities doing their thing over in paradise. Sure you might not work for TMZ, but sometimes it’s hard to resist snapping a celeb shot while they work on their rest and relaxation. Better get those shots in quickly, as it sounds like Hawaii might be tightening the rules when it comes to what you can and can’t photograph in paradise—don’t worry, the waterfalls are still fair game.

Over two-thirds of the state senators over in the Aloha State have already signed on to a new piece of legislation, as they look to protect the right to a little bit of privacy for vacationing celebrities. It would give the rich and famous the right to sue over unexpected snapshots of them doing their thing while having a little fun in the sun. Of course we wouldn’t enjoy someone following us around while doing our thing in Hawaii, but celebrities love the attention—right? Ha.

Anyway, it sounds like the push from state lawmakers comes through a request from Steven Tyler—you know him from American Idol and Aerosmith—as the rock star calls Maui home when he’s not doing other stuff. They’ve even gone so far as to call the new potential plan the “Steven Tyler Act.” We're not too sure that this is a definite to pass through the state legislature, as some lawmakers feel that things are a little too vague as to what is and what is not allowed. Not to mention that fact that protecting an individual’s privacy might go a little too far.

So for now your celeb snapshots in Hawaii are safe and sound, but that doesn’t mean your paparazzi practice is going to be welcomed. It’s still not against the law for the famous to flip out if you’re bothering them—so maybe just keep your eyes on your own beach blanket.

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