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Iberia's New Lie-Flat Seats May Actually Be 'Muy Bueno'

Where: Spain
February 6, 2013 at 8:48 AM | by | ()

If it seems like we are spreading the news of some flashy new business class seat every few weeks, you are probably right. It's all the fault of the airlines, as a huge number have taken the recent years to update their cabin offerings to lure passengers away from competitors. Now, the torch is passed to Iberia with their announcement of new lie-flat seats in the long-haul swanky cabins.

The Spanish flag carrier's aim is to sit their elite flyers down in a more comfy seat for folks winging their way to/from Spain on their widebody Airbus jets, starting this month with the A330s and eventually moving onto the A340s later in the year. And the love isn't limited to business class; economy class is getting an overhaul as well, just not lie-flat hotness.

Back to biz class, the seat transitions to a true lie-flat experience—the former seat was flat, but just angled. These seats have even more bells and whistles than their predecessors. We're talking aisle access for all premium passengers, which is a huge win, since, if you're stuck at the window, there will be no mountain climbing to stretch your legs or head to the lav.

Iberia will also be giving the entire plane more entertainment options with 15.4 inch touch-screens up front and 9 inch touch-screens in economy. The coolest thing is that business class passengers get a 4.2 inch remote with a virtual keyboard on another touch-screen, all for controlling the large TV. It will even have text message capabilities to communicate with those on land, for a charge, but that will come later in 2013.

Have a view of the video below for the full brief on the updates:

[Photo and Video: Iberia]

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