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Time-Lapse Video Alert: Air Seychelles Shows Off Their New Plane Paint Job

Where: Seychelles
February 5, 2013 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

It’s pretty easy to loose track of time when thinking about a trip over to Seychelles, but now we find ourselves dreaming about Air Seychelles and their latest livery as well. With a fleet of only around four airplanes they’re certainly not the biggest carrier in the world, but we’ve got to say they might just have one of the best paint jobs.

Their latest A330-200 aircraft has a little something extra on its belly, as the plane features the name of the airline—so the folks on the ground know where its headed. The new plane is even named after Vallée de Mai, which is the second UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in Seychelles. The plane is doing its testing thing right now, but should hit the skies packed with passengers as soon as March.

Thankfully Air Seychelles documented their latest livery makeover, and we’ve got a snazzy little video showing off the work of the paint crew. So take a few minutes to check it out below, and waste some time dreaming of a trip to Seychelles.

[Photo and Video: Air Seychelles]

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