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There's Still Last-Minute Chinese New Year Flights to Asia for Under $1,000

February 4, 2013 at 10:17 AM | by | ()

You've done the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Holi in India, Oktoberfest in Munich and maybe even New Year's in NYC's Times Square. No matter what major world events you've crossed off your bucket list, there better be an entry for Chinese New Year in Asia. It's next Sunday—February 10—and if you can jet away for a long weekend on the other side of the world to celebrate the start of the year of the Snake, there's still plenty airplane seats.

Just to sample the goods, we searched for the most affordable Economy airfares* from the US to where the Chinese New Year fireworks will be largest.** Here's what we found:

New York to Singapore:

Best price: $1066 on Delta, changing planes in Tokyo
Worst price: $4321 on Air Canada, changing planes in Vancouver and Hong Kong

New York to Taiwan:

Best price: $850 on China Airlines, changing planes in Osaka
Worst price: $4265 on KLM, changing planes in Amsterdam

Los Angeles to Shanghai:

Best price: $812 on American, nonstop
Worst price: $4345 on Lufthansa, changing planes in Chicago and Frankfurt

Los Angeles to Hong Kong:

Best price: $948 on United, changing planes in Tokyo
Worst price: $3659 on Air Pacific, changing planes in Nadi, Fiji

San Francisco to Shanghai:

Best price: $1006 on Korean Air, changing planes in Seoul
Worst price: $5542 on KLM, changing planes on Amsterdam

San Francisco to Hong Kong:

Best price: $977 on Singapore Airlines, nonstop
Worst price: $5840 on Thai Airways, changing planes in Tokyo and Bangkok

*These fares can change at any time. To find them, we used Kayak.com's flexible date search to look +/- 2 days around a departure of February 7, with a return of February 12.

**Just keep in mind that heading to China proper requires an advance visa, but a Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong don't!

Here's a sample of what we saw during Chinese New Year 2012 in Singapore:

[Photo: Jaunted]

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