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'An Idiot Abroad' Ends His Journey in China

Where: China
February 4, 2013 at 3:10 PM | by | ()

The third and final installment of An Idiot Abroad ended with Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis making their way to China where they dressed in panda costumes, sampled local cuisine, and took a side trip to Macao.

Their Chinese journey started with a Yangtze River Cruise which Karl loathed, calling it "misty" and describing the boat as having "turds everywhere." Not exactly the rave recommendation the Yangtze River tourism board was probably hoping for.

After the cruise was a bust, they spent time volunteering at a Sichuan Panda Sanctuary where they dressed Warwick and Karl in panda suits to entice one of them to come down from a tree. The practice is common for the researchers trying to teach the pandas how to mate, but we doubt they pretend to suckle each other like Warwick and Karl did.

After Karl and Warwick hung out with the pandas, they paid a visit to the city of Chengdu for a now required, gag-worthy meal in which the tables were turned as Karl tried to coax Warwick into eating sheep testicles.

Next, they walked up hundreds of steps to reach a Buddhist Temple which Warwick struggled with, but did make it, thanks to a pep talk from Karl. "I was like Winston Churchill, or something like that," Karl declared after Warwick's triumph.

Finally, the series' mastermind, Ricky Gervais, decided he wanted a big finish for the show so he arranged for Karl to Skyjump from the Macao Tower. Karl immediately chickened out, but Warwick went through with it, and it looked amazing!

Anyone can take take the Skyjump from the outer rim of the Macau Tower (764 feet above ground) for $242. Read more about the jump, and other activities offered at the tower, at macau.ajhackett.com.

After deciding he wasn't going to jump from the tower, Karl explained he didn't like movies because "there's always a happy ending but life isn't like that, I don't like happy endings." Luckily for us, Warwick was there to take the jump, and give viewers the Idiot Abroad version of a happy ending we were hoping for.

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