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Delta's Westin In-Flight Bed Collab and Other Dream Airline Partnerships

February 27, 2013 at 1:08 PM | by | ()

It's already a done deal that Delta is hopping into bed with Starwood's group of hotels for shared points and rewards, but yesterday we also learned that Starwood is doing their part to likewise get under the covers with Delta's flyers.

Starting June 2013, Delta will offer Westin Heavenly In-Flight bedding, designed and manufactured exclusively for the airline, in the BusinessElite cabins on international flights and BusinessElite flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle and between Atlanta and Honolulu. If the flight is under 12 hours, that means a Westin pillow and comforter. For flights over 12 hours, add a lumbar pillow to the mix.

Airlines are no strangers to collabs like this.Some recent collaborations include Cathay Pacific Premium Economy amenity kits by HK brand Goods of Desire, Virgin America uniforms by Banana Republic, Finnair linens and dishes by Marimekko and Japan Airlines in-flight meals by MOS Burger.

So we figured what better time to darydream? Here's other possible airline and brand partnerships we'd like to see:

· ANA amenity kits by MUJI
Currently the ANA amenity kits are by Samsonite, which isn't a brand known for providing in-flight comfort of any sort. Why not switch to MUJI, which is a well-respected Japanese brand with global appeal and clean design? They already make the products—our travel neck pillow is from MUJI—and the items are lightweight, unisex and comfy.Bonus: MUJI also makes toiletries (and excellent travel toothpaste), so there's the beauty product dilemma solved.

· Alitalia in-flight meals by Spizzico
We just got off four Alitalia flights and were seriously disappointed by the onboard food. There was one entree option, the pasta was congealed and the wine tasted like they hadn't tried it at altitude. The best thing was the Arancia Rossa (blood orange) juice. Introducing a branded option from Spizzico, which is like Italian McDonald's for Italian foods, would be great, kinda like Japan Airlines and MOS Burger. Spizzico does a lovely tiramisu to-go!

· Iberia pajamas by Zara
We're quite sure that Iberia doesn't offer complimentary pajamas to their Business Class flyers, but partnering with a Spanish retailer as well known as Zara would add a needed lux touch, not to mention its value as an item for the fashion press to gobble up.

· Lufthansa bathrooms by Grohe
Getting a little bit more serious, what if an airline partnered with a top brand to do what they do best, just on an airplane? An excellent example would be German bathroom fixture manufacturer Grohe. The First Class bathroom faucets and perhaps the entire space could be done with the design hand of Grohe, to take on a spa appeal rather than just being another airplane bathroom. True, the LH A380 bathrooms are pretty stellar now, but there's always room for improvement and updating.

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