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Boy Band One Direction Boogies with British Airways Babes in New Video

February 26, 2013 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

Cue the screaming tweens. The (currently) most popular boy-band have called on the crews of British Airways and Heathrow's Terminal 5 to star in their new charity video.

The video, a cover of Blondie's hit, One Way Or Another was shot to raise money for British Charity, Comic Relief. Aside from dancing around various foreign locales including New York, London, Tokyo and Africa, the boys got to cut a rug with some well-heeled BA cabin crew. The idea is apparently to prove that not only do these guys care, they know how to have a good time, right?

After running around the massive Terminal 5 at LHR, the gang jumped on a plane for a promotional trip with the British flag carrier. Hopefully, this means more videos of their in-flight antics and less cameos of Piers Morgan Prime Minister, David Cameron.

[Photo & Video: One Direction YouTube]

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