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The Air India Pilot YouTube Rap That's Going Viral

February 25, 2013 at 3:09 PM | by | ()

Very quickly: an Air India pilot dressed himself up in his uniform, and then filmed himself rapping about how Air India sucks, and then put the video up on YouTube. How do you think that went for him? No cheating.

If you answered "obviously he was forced to write an apology and now will face disciplinary action, because employees don't get to post themselves trashing their employers on YouTube," congratulations, you're a more astute observer of organizational dynamics than is this guy. Who has flown airplanes. Filled with people inside of them. For a living.

Of course it didn't help that the video went viral, garnering over 150,000 views as of this afternoon. Or that part of the rap involved him attacking the "people at the top" for ruining the airline. That last part was presumably just to ensure that, when he was inevitably reviewed for his incredibly ill-advised stunt, absolutely no one in the room would be amused.

That said, the content was bad enough that he was going to get in trouble anyway. The lyrics of the rap—we'll call it a rap, because the title is "Air India Rap"—involves bad pay, canceled flights, and ageing female flight attendants. "How do I fly with women in their sixties. They call them air hostesses, we call them aunties," he rapped. Classy.

Anyway, the pilot was identified by the airline and disciplinary action is proceeding predictably. An apology has been issued. An investigation will commence. His reviewers will take into account, on one hand, any good past performance and, on the other, that he told the world that Air India treats its employees and customers with aggressively poor service. How good does an employee have to be, exactly, to overcome that?

It's too bad. The guy seems like kind of a decent kid, and this was obviously a joke gone awry. That said, it went very, very awry.

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