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Finnair Flashes Their Frosty Blue New Business Class

Where: Finland
February 21, 2013 at 12:19 PM | by | ()

Another week, another new business class seat. This time, it's Finnair's turn to dazzle passengers with a fully horizontal comfy chair. Pair this new seat with their Marimekko design and revamped premium menus and things are a-changing at Finnair.

So the seats aren't exactly new since a few of them already sport some butt-prints on three of the carrier's Airbus 330s. Eventually they will be added to the entire fleet of long-haul planes —A340 and, eventually, A350—to make a consistent product for passengers. And, just like many other European business class upgrades, this one comes with aisle access for (almost) everyone.

One possible downside: while the cool ice tones are neat, we can't help but think that the fabric will begin to look a little tired and worn after a while.

The upgrades wont exactly happen quickly, but if your plans are to travel with the Scandinavian carrier in 2014, your chance of getting a good night's rest are even better. If all goes well, the cabin refreshes should be complete by the Summer of 2014, though we're sure we'll be announcing more new airlines with new seats before then.

[Photo: Finnair]

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