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New Airline Alert: Hawaii Says Aloha to 'Ohana'

February 19, 2013 at 8:19 AM | by | ()

It’s been a little bit of time since we heard about Hawaiian Airlines and their plans to expand inter-island service with a new carrier of their own. They’re eager to get in on the smaller markets that aren’t as well served within the islands, so they’re ordering some new planes—smaller turboprops—and they’re almost ready to go.

The new subsidiary of Hawaiian Airlines will be known as ’Ohana, and they’re looking to get things up in the air as soon as this summer. Technically they’re contracting out the flying fun, as Empire Airlines will be the ones behind the controls. Flights over to spots on both Lanai and Molokai will be some of the first destinations, as a pair of ATR42 turboprop aircraft will handle the quick flights between the different islands and destinations.

A snazzy livery designed by Hilo artist Sig Zane and his kiddo Kuhao give the subsidiary a cool new look, and we’re anxious to see the new paint job in the wild out at the airport. According to Hawaiian Airlines the new look incorporates traditional kapa fabric print elements, and that these represent three symbols of the culture of their brand that are rooted in Hawaiian culture. We just hope one of those symbols is the love of in-flight snacks, as we could always go for some macadamia nuts.

[Rendering: Hawaiian Airlines]

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