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Food Trucks are Now Parking in the Airport Cell Phone Lot

February 19, 2013 at 9:19 AM | by | ()

We’ve seen celebrity chefs, organic ingredients, and even technology—think iPads—show their influence on the airport dining scene, but now it looks like another trend is heading to the airport. Apparently the food truck craze has arrived at the airport, so the long-term parking lot is no longer just for parking.

Obviously food trucks aren’t exactly arriving inside the airport—at least not yet—but if you need to grab a bite before hitting the terminal or after touching down they’ve now got you covered. ABC News reports that the cell phone lot seems to be the new food court, as airports like Orlando International Airport have started slinging street fare right outside of security. In fact over at MCO it sounds like they’ve got at least six food trucks rotating in and out over a their commercial lot as well as their taxi staging area. Clearly the airport eats aren’t just for travelers anymore.

Down in Austin the travelers heading in and out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport have just seen Twist of Spice arrive at the airport. It’s a Tex-Mex joint doing its thing out of the cell phone lot, and they’re serving up tacos, Panini, fajitas, and burritos—just what you need before a long-haul flight.

Things in Tampa are even more organized, as it sounds like their on-the-go dining program has been going on since late last year. Again, the trucks set up to do their thing over at the cell phone lot, and travelers and locals can choose from places like the Cheesesteak Truck, Nicos Arepas Grill, and the Dude and His Food.

We’ve yet to stop at a food truck on our way to the departures hall, but now we’re definitely going to need to check things out for ourselves. If you’ve got a favorite airport food truck, be sure to let us know where it is and what they have.

[Photo of another food truck: Phillip Pessar]

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