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Sandcastle Airplane!

Where: Australia
February 18, 2013 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

While most of the the US is still shivering and donning scarves, it's the height of summer in Australia and Qantas will not let us forget it. In fact, they've set up the ultimate sand castle display right in Sydney's Circular Quay.

The 'Flying Kangaroo' recently (re)launched flights from Sydney to Gold Coast and wanted to draw some unique attention to it. Since the "glitter strip" is well-known for its beach culture —we're talking about the Surfers Paradise— what better way to turn some heads with a sculpture meticulously carved into the shape of a plane full of passengers heading to soak up the sun.

The sculpture was as realistic as can be, for something made from sand. There's a tail emblazoned with the kangaroo logo, a passenger cabin, and even an authentic-as-can-be flight deck sculpted with the aid of a real Qantas pilot. The one thing that was a little unbelievable was the space between the seats...it most definitely was not economy.

If you've been to Sydney, you know that Circular Quay is home to The Sydney Opera House and the beautiful harbour the Sydney Harbour Bridge calls home. Thus, you know there are people a-plenty to check out this little promo, which also talked up super-cheap airfares from Sydney to Gold Coast for $89 one way.

While the sand and the deals have washed away, fares are still under $100 each way for the relaunched route.

[Photo: Matt Waugh for Qantas' Facebook]

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