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It May Be a Floating Toxic Mess, but the 'Carnival Triumph' is Still Booking Cruises

February 18, 2013 at 4:06 PM | by | ()

So after what we can only imagine as a truly horrible, disgusting, and miserable week, the Carnival ship Triumph is back in port. In case you missed it, the ship was busy doing its thing with passengers partying down, but then there was an engine fire which stopped the necessary bits from working. Long story short the bathrooms failed, food was limited, and the boat floated off from its planned course.

Now that it's been towed back to Mobile, Alabama there’s plenty of work to get the ship up and running—and clean—but it looks like they’re ready to start booking some new cruises.

Take a little stroll to the cruise line’s website, and you’ll be happy to see that the Triumph is all ready to go—at least in theory. You’re not going to be taking a spin on the ship turned toxic waste dump anytime soon, but after they hose it down and wipe it down with bleach it should be good to go. Cruises are available for booking for like January 2014, but that’s way too long to wait. That’s why we suggest booking something for April 22, so you can enjoy a five-night western Caribbean cruise out of Galveston, Texas for just $439 a person.

Obviously there’s a lot of work to be done to the boat to get things all shipshape, but to us April seems a little optimistic, no? Obviously they’re not just going to light the thing on fire and set it out into the ocean to die, but a next scheduled voyage that’s only a couple months away—just seems a little too soon for us. At least wait long enough for the general public to forget the image of passengers using bags as toilets—um gross.

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