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Ugh, KLM Adds Checked Baggage Fee For European Travelers

February 15, 2013 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

Besides those pesky low cost carriers it seems that once you crossed the pond you were somewhat safe from the dreaded checked baggage fees and charges. For the long-haul flights you’re probably still okay checking a bag for free, but now when your fit hit the ground over in Europe you might need to take out the credit card.

It looks like KLM is going to be one of the first traditional carriers over in Europe to start charging for checked baggage for travel within Europe. The charges hit the airport ticket counters beginning on April 22, as it will be in effect for tickets booked on or after that day. It’s going to be 15 euros for those checking a bag in advance, but it doubles if you’re paying at the airport—that’s roughly $40 if we converted things correctly. Other carriers like Air France, Alitalia, and British Airways don’t seem to be interested in this kind of thing just yet, but now we’re getting a little nervous.

KLM thinks that people just want to pay less overall for their tickets, so they kind of see this is a good thing—if you don’t need to check a bag, then don’t pay for it. Um, ok, whatever.

The good news is that some passengers on fancier ticket fares can still get things for free. It also sounds like KLM is offering up free checked bags to those who are signed up and registered for their Flying Blue frequent flyer thing, so that can be pretty much anyone. So just be sure to sign-up before taking off for the airport.

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