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Carnival Triumph 'Nightmare' Not Really Impacting Cruise Sales

February 15, 2013 at 4:21 PM | by | ()

When future scholars write the definitive catalog of early 21st century First World Problems, the hysteria over the Carnival Cruises Triumph debacle will surely rank near the top. At last count there were well over a thousand different articles on Google News describing the experience as a "nightmare" for the passengers. This one has a picture of a woman kissing the ground once she got off the ship, as if she had just been released from a Soviet gulag or something.

Really? A "nightmare"? Is that what we're calling it when you have to spend a few extra days on a modern ocean liner the likes of which previous generations could barely imagine? There are millions of children in this world laboring under body-killing, brain-numbing, poverty-stricken misery. We understand that the cruise ship got a little bit icky toward the end, but broken toilets or not the passengers were on a fucking cruise ship. We watched news reports of the ship being towed into port. There were people dancing on deck of the fucking cruise ship they were on.

That's not the stuff of nightmares. It barely qualifies as a mild inconvenience.

So now the travel industry is working to evaluate whether travelers will stop going on cruises just because a few people had to spend a few extra days on a boat, and then almost certainly get refunded for their trouble. Some people expect that of course there will be blowback, because "nightmare"!

But when you look at the actual evidence, it seems like travelers don't care enough to cut back on their cruise ticket buying. In fact some cruise websites are seeing "above-average quote requests" alongside "very few cancellations." Cruise travelers just don't seem all that horrified.

We don't know one way or another of course. Who are we to judge? Maybe the trip really was the worst thing ever. But the people voting with their wallets don't seem to think so.

[Photo: United States Coast Guard / Wiki Commons]

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