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Is This the World's Least Likely Airport Restaurant?

February 14, 2013 at 11:06 AM | by | ()

We’ve got some weird airport restaurant news for you today, but you’re going to need to wait for a bit before testing out the menu. The latest in restaurant partnerships comes from the folks over at the PGA Tour, as apparently their next big marketing push is airport restaurants.

PGA Tour Grill—creative name—is on the drawing board for an opening later this year at San Diego International Airport. The assumption here is that business travelers and leisure travelers alike must be enamored with golf, and as a result they will pay a little bit extra for that cheeseburger to be surrounded by televisions and memorabilia. SAN sounds like it's just the beginning, as they're hoping to bring the new concept elsewhere as well.

Right now things are on the schedule for this December, as the new spot is supposed to call Terminal 2 West home. It seems like the menu is still very much a work in progress, but they do plan to have some healthy options to go along with your “active lifestyle”—their words not ours. They’re bringing in iPads to offer up golf tips and tricks, and they’ll even double to serve as nutrition guides and wine lists.

Televisions will beam all kinds of golf goodies, as they’re ready to offer up live events, highlights, and plenty of stuff from the Golf Channel—exactly what you’d expect. Not the most creative concept, as we’re pretty sure that it’s just a sports bar with a little more golf and a lot more iPads; however, it could be worse. We'll refrain from quietly clapping until checking it out in person.

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