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Qantas' New In-Flight iPads are Boss

Where: Australia
February 15, 2013 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

Yesterday we talked about Qantas' comfy new black leather business-class seats, but the real champion of the overhauled airplane is the in-flight entertainment system. We have mentioned Q Streaming before and we're excited to get our hands on the technology.

Not for lack of trying, we have been on a few planes with the hopes of discovering an Apple iPad in the seat-back pocket all to be disappointed. As soon as we turned the corner to board the plane and saw the product logo right next to the door, admittedly, our heart skipped a beat. We can finally catch up on a few episodes of Modern Family directly streamed to the device over a WiFi network.

Eagerly pulling out the tablet we flipped the red leather cover embossed with Qantas and the logo; it was all charged up, turned on and ready to roll. The home screen offered us movies, TV, music, radio, and kids sections. A little playing was in order to check out the selection all to find new release films, comedies, dramas and reality shows from Australia, the US and the UK. Basically everything that you would routinely find in a video on demand seatback TV when flying internationally.

Some great of the cool features were a program lock for the kids' programming. Once you touch the button, the device locks itself in the g-rated shows as not to let the kiddies watch some questionable shows. What great piece of mind. Even the new seats are set up to create a seat-back screen with a velcro strap to hold the tablet for mealtime or stretching.

Unknown to us, and the crew, we powered up our own iPad and, voila, we had the media on our screen. Same interface and home screen with the familiarity of our own device. We were flying on a flight of about 75 minutes, but this might come in handy for drained batteries. After a quick chat with the lovely cabin crew before landing, they were even surprised that feature had been turned on and were genuinely concerned about the feedback on the service.

We stowed the iPad at our initial decent and were a bit sad to see it go; it might be hard to go back to a regular main-screen movie on future flights. We just have to keep our eyes out for the Q Streaming logo upon boarding.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak for Jaunted]

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