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Staying Fresh on a Red-eye Flight Need Not Be a Head-scratcher

February 15, 2013 at 8:32 AM | by | ()

It's the question we get all the time, and there isn't really one straight answer besides "drink lots of water," but recently Conde Nast Traveler attempted to answer the big mystery of how to stay looking fresh on a red eye or long-haul flight.

The article—which you can read on their Daily Traveler column—is heavily aimed at women travelers (makeup touch-ups!), but there are some tips for all, like:

If you can handle it, avoid lowering your seat all the way back, says Dr. Peredo. “Fluid may retain in your eyes, causing bags to develop.” And regardless of how you sleep, make sure to take a stroll a couple of times throughout the flight when the "fasten seatbelt" sign is off. The blood circulation you’ll get walking around will do wonders for holding off bloat and keeping your skin rosy and “awake” looking after you de-board.

That's one advantage Economy flyers have over lie-flat Business or First Class right there—the inability to fully recline means less puffy eyes!

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