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American Airlines Gobbles Up US Airways to Snag Title of 'World's Largest Airline'

February 14, 2013 at 12:10 PM | by | ()

$11 billion dollars. ELEVEN BILLION. Right now, American Airlines and US Airways are raising pinkie fingers to their mouths, Dr. Evil-style, as they look at a merger worth this much.

The announcement everyone expected came this morning, Valentine's Day, as American and US declared their love for each other and decided to make two become one. The merger will take some time, of course, but a few facts are clear right now:

· The name and branding of the merger airline will say American Airlines, falling right now under their #newAmerican campaign
· The CEO will be Doug Parker, current CEO of US Airways. American's CEO Tom Horton will become Chairman of the Board of the airline.
· The combined operating certificate is expected for the third quarter of 2013
· Once everything is said and done, the new American Airlnes will be the largest airline in the world by passenger volume and fleet size, though United will still beat them by sheer number of destinations served (United's around

Though the new American will kick United from their position as largest airline in the world—a status only gained after United gobbled up Continental—United will still win out with number of overall destinations served (375-ish versus the new American's 336).

Need more facts to drop at your next party? American is taking the "world's largest" title from United after they merged with Continental, as we said...BUT United stole that title from Delta after Delta took Northwest Airlines. It's a slow game of Russian nesting dolls, really, until maybe one airline reigns supreme years and years from now? Gosh, we hope not. In any case, the battleground to become the biggest and baddest is the United States, and we can't wait to see how the new American Airlines ups the game while upgrading US Airways.

[Image & video: American Airlines]

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