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Turkish Airlines' New Flight Attendant Uniforms are the Opposite of Scandalous

Where: Turkey
February 13, 2013 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

There was a little bit of news out of the Turkish Airlines camp over the weekend, and it wasn’t exactly positive. Apparently a sneak peek of their new cabin crew uniforms was leaked out across the interwebs, and let’s just say the feedback was a little less than positive.

It doesn’t appear that Turkish Airlines has officially confirmed that this is the direction that they’re going in with their new uniforms, but if they listen to the masses they might want to throw these new uniforms in the trash and start over. Things on Twitter have kind of calmed down, but every once in a while you can still catch someone comparing these new uniforms with those from the 1960s.

Turkish designer Dilek Hanif is responsible for the new look, but some have even questioned if he’s working for the government thanks to the pretty conservative approach and look of his latest design. The hats seemed to go over especially poorly, but the design team insists that nothing has been finalized. To us that means that they are now heading back to the drawing board—stay tuned.

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1960's you bet

They should be wearing white gloves