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Putting Qantas' New Domestic Business Class Seat Under the Microscope

Where: Australia
February 14, 2013 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

Last summer we spread the news about Qantas refurbishing the cabins of its aging Boeing 767 fleet. Most particularly, some flashy new black leather seats in the domestic business class cabin were coming in and, only recently, we booked a flight (Brisbane-Sydney) to try them out.

First impressions of the cabin were good. By today's standards, this plane is old and a little sprucing up to modernize it was much needed. The seats are merely reupholstered, but it really didn't matter to us since it was a short flight. Back in August, we thought the airline was adding an über-luxurious wood grain arm-rest. Instead we found this was also upholstered in a tan leather. Although that was a little bit of a let-down, it was still nicer than before.

Even the decor of the cabin got a once-over to keep up with the seats. A new pattern on the bulkhead and a contrasting curtain reminded us of Aboriginal art—a modern take on the country's history. One thing that we particularly loved was the black and silver 'Qantas Kangaroo' placard on the front bulkhead wall. Very British-Airways-First-Class plush branding, if we can say so.

Naturally we snuck a quick peak behind the curtain into economy and there we noticed a color palette heavy on gray, but with the same design on the bulkhead and dividers.

Overall, the refreshed cabins were a nice touch. Even better, more and more of these planes are getting the overhaul, so if your down under itinerary has you on a Boeing 767, your chances are good that you will enjoy these new seats and the enhanced in-flight premium service.

Tomorrow, we dive into the most special detail of these new planes. Each of these fresh new birds offer the newest in in-flight technology, Q Streaming media.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak for Jaunted]

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Can't wait to get aboard this tizzed up plane.