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Seven Extra Inches! Air Canada Stretches Out with 'Premium Economy' Seats

Where: Canada
February 12, 2013 at 9:56 AM | by | ()

When it comes to the craze of premium economy seating it looks like Air Canada is up next. Fortunately, they’re not taking the usual North American approach when it comes to this section of the coach cabin, as it’s going more than just a boost in legroom.

The plan is to start off small, as Air Canada gets ready to prepare for their new seats across five of their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. First and foremost those sitting in the forward cabin—of the rear cabin—will have their own little seating section, as there will be a dedication Premium Economy cabin. Larger seats are the big news here, as the seats are wider, offer like seven more inches of legroom, and they even recline just a little bit more.

There’s less seats in Premium Economy as well, as Air Canada is quick to boast that you’ll never be more than one seat away from the aisle. However, don’t think that that there aren’t middle seats—there are—as the cabin will do its thing in a two-four-two format across the plane. The in-flight stuff is improved as well, as Air Canada is promising to offer up premium meals as well as complimentary bar service. We’re not sure if that means that there’s some kind of in-flight bartender, but whatever it is exactly—we’ll take it. Amenity kits, hot towels, and a larger pillow round out the in-flight options. At the airport things are improved too, as priority check-in and a pair of checked bags are included options.

Just keep your seat belts fastened, as it’s going to be a little bit of time before these new seats are up and running. Montreal to Paris will first score the new seats, and they’re shooting to get it done on July 11.

Oh—one more thing. Air Canada is also extending these new seats over to their new low cost carrier as well, as Premium rouge will be available starting July 1 on the routes like Toronto to Athens, Toronto to Venice, Montreal to Athens, and Toronto to Edinburgh.

[Photo: BriYYZ and Air Canada]

Archived Comments:

...and 2.5 less inches in economy!!!

Why is it the press just regurgitate what's fed to them? What Air Canada did NOT mention in their little press release was the fact that they are reducing the width of the economy seats by 1.5 inches and the space between seats by 1 inch. Making this one of the most densely populated aircraft in the sky. Even worse than charter airlines!!! How come this was missed!! These are birds to avoid like the plague!