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Scheduled for Arrival: A Google Airport Terminal

February 12, 2013 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

Weíre all about the latest and greatest when it comes to airports. From new restaurants, lounges, and even yoga rooms, if itís taking place in the airport we want to know about it. Thatís why we were a little saddened to learn about one airport terminal in California that we probably wonít be able to check out anytime soon. Thatís because we donít have loads of cash, and we donít have a corner office over at Google.

Apparently thereís such an influx of private business jets in and out of San Jose International Airport that Google is on the cusp of building their own terminal.

Technically it's Signature Aviation behind the idea and actual proposal, as they think itís the perfect timeóand perfect placeóto toss up some new hangars and ramp space as part of a brand new executive terminal. The total cost would probably run around $82 million, but weíre sure with a couple construction delays and overages things would only go upwards from there.

Things are still quite a ways from breaking ground, as the city council wonít be discussing the matter further until at least the spring. So, if you dream of having Google send a private jet for you to come interview for a job, put those dreams on hold.

All in all, the new airport-within-an-airport would take up around 29 acres of real estate with a 17,000 square-foot terminal, 33,000 squarenfeet for offices and shops, and like 300 car spaces in a new parking lot. Probably going to be some pretty swanky cars parked there, no?

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