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One Stuck Traveler is Living Like Tom Hanks in 'The Terminal'

Where: Chile
February 11, 2013 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

We feel like this isn’t the first—and probably isn’t the last—time something like this will go down at the airport, but once again we’re looking at a real life story straight out of the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal. It doesn’t sound like there was a cute flight attendant in this example, as apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones was too busy to reprise her role in the real life sorry. Anyway, the latest airport sleepover all took place over the last few months at Santiago Airport in Chile.

It’s been a couple of months since Rodrigo Ben-Azul first arrived at the airport, and it’s all because he can’t get back to Spain. There’s no political conflict back home like in the movie, but his problem is way simpler. He’s run out of money and he’s flat broke. Apparently he’s waiting for family back in Spain to wire some euros his way, but until then he’s been collecting the luggage trolleys hoping to earn a few cents here and there.

According to the Daily News scraps of food and leftover cigarettes keep this guy going as he wanders around the terminal awaiting his delayed departure. As far as we know he’s still doing his thing down in SCL, so maybe we should start a collection or something? Maybe donate a few frequent flyer miles?

[Photo: mindtoss]

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