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Cheers! Allegiant Adds New Cocktails to Their In-Flight Menu

February 1, 2013 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

When it comes to Allegiant, we’re usually not cheering on their in-flight service, roomy seats, or extensive route network. We do like that they fly for Hawaii on the cheap, but after that they're kind of a low cost carrier through and through. However, we might be changing our tune sooner than later, as it sounds like they’re getting ready to throw a little bit of an in-flight party. Sure it’s going to cost you to enjoy a few in-flight cocktails, but with their new bags filled with booze it'll be worth it.

Allegiant is teaming up with the folks over at Good Time Beverages, as they’re looking to loosen you up on your way to your final destination. The cocktails have been added to Allegiant’s in-flight menu, as items like Bob and Stacy’s Premium Margarita are now available for a little bit of an in-flight toast. The cocktails are “bar quality”—their words not ours—and come in individual little pouches. Right now they’re on about six routes within Allegiant’s network, as you can find them on flights to spots like Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Oakland. Starting this month—it’s February now—things will become available on flights headed towards Florida as well.

There’s more to like than just the alcohol, as the company is pretty proud of their eco-friendly design. The pouches take up less space in the beverage cart, which probably ends up saving some fuel—and cash—so it’s win-win. The FlexPouches can even be sealed up for later enjoyment, so that helps you prevent spills and other party fouls while cruising at 35,000-feet.

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