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For Their 90th Anniversary, Aeroflot is Letting You Paint an Airplane

February 1, 2013 at 2:43 AM | by | ()

Will this be the winner?

Before we even start to tell you about this contest from Russian airline Aeroflot, a disclaimer: in order to win the prizes, you have to be a Russian citizen living in Russia. Booooo. BUT! If you just enjoy dreaming up artwork for airplanes, then this may be for you anyway.

Here's what's going on. This year is Aeroflot's 90th Anniversary. That's pretty excellent considering airplanes have only existed since the Wright Brothers did their thing in 1903. So this company, which is one of the oldest in aviation, is naturally going to be giving a couple of their airplanes special paint jobs to celebrate. The first is a retro livery, which has already been decided upon—check it out. The second is up to you, via a contest.

Here's what to do:

· Head over to the contest page [Google Translate link] and download the airplane layout or design right in your browser. It's a Sukhoi Superjet that's getting the anniversary livery.
· Submit your drawing (up to 3 different ones) and check back to view it in the gallery.
· If you meet all the requirements (like about being Russian and whatnot), expect to hear if you've won around March 15.

You have until February 28 to enter. Prizes are tiered, with the second place getting a gift of frequently flyer miles (no amount given), first place winning Silver status and frequent flyer miles, and Grand Prize winning Gold status, frequent flyer miles, and having the design used on the plane.

Another example of a contest entry. Think it'll win?

[Images: Aeroflot]

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