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Bieber Busted at Brisbane Airport

December 9, 2013 at 11:46 AM | by | Comments (0)

If it seems like trouble follows Justin Bieber around wherever he goes, you're right. The pretty-boy singer's 2013 Aussie tour ugly antics are no different from those in Germany, Brazil, and even his 2011 tour down under.

This time, Justin and his entourage found themselves in some hot water when arriving at Brisbane International Airport when one of Bieber's gang was found with some marijuana and smoking paraphernalia. The 23 year-old in question was ticketed and ordered to appear in court to pay a fine, before he was let go on his way working as Justin's shadow.

Australian Federal Police have released a morsel of information that adds an interesting twist. The Aussie equivalent to the FBI allege that, during the incident, an unidentified 19 year-old was detained and released after a stern warning for using "inappropriate language" with Customs Officers. While we're not in the business of speculating on celeb gossip, we will just say that Justin is known to have a potty mouth and is, in fact, 19 years young.

[Photo: NRK P3]

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