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Where to Find the Only Vegetarian-Friendly Biscochito Cookies in New Mexico

Where: 821 W San Mateo Rd [map], Santa Fe, NM, United States, 87505
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Biscochitos, the small star- or fleur-de-lis-shaped cookies that are more than delicious; they're a staple of Christmas in New Mexico. Unfortunately they’re also not terribly vegetarian-friendly since the cinnamon and anise-sprinkled goodies are made with a healthy dose of lard.

What’s a vegetarian or kosher-keeper to do? Luckily, there’s one Santa Fe bakery that substitutes butter for lard in their recipe.

Chocolate Maven, a shop and bakery known for their brownies and spicy hot chocolate, appears to be the only place in town making biscochitos without lard. The recipe’s still pretty rich thanks to the butter, but it’s a viable alternative.

Unfortunately, while Chocolate Maven ships many of their products (including that amazing Tres Leches Cake), they don’t yet ship the biscochitos. If you’re really hungry/homesick, there are a few good recipes online.

Vegans, unfortunately, are still out of luck. However, there’s another popular cookie that might work a bit better.Say hello to the "piñon," a Latin-American take on the Italian pine nut or pignoli cookies. They’re usually made with almond paste, although you will have to find a way around the egg whites.

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