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Five Warm Weather Winter Destinations Free from the Threat of Storms

December 6, 2013 at 9:13 AM | by | Comments (0)

Just last week, the US Northeast was facing the onslaught of a Nor'easter that threatened some of the most populated centers (and busiest airports) of the United States. And while the clean up is pretty much complete from storms that rolled through the parts of the country, rest assured this storm wont be the last to close roads, cripple airports and raise tempers.

We know there's no guarantee of how Mother Nature will act each winter, so that's why we've compiled a list of places that benefit from some of the most perfect weather year-round. Dust off your passport and warm up that credit card, in order to warm yourself under the sun of these five destinations:

San Diego: No need to wait in immigration lines, because this Californian city has great weather throughout the winter. Even as the calendar flips from month to month, temperatures range from 65 to 76 degrees F, with an average 41 days per year of rain. Yeah, sounds good to us.

Cuenca, Ecuador: Basking in spring-like weather all year round, this city boasts an elevation of 8,000 feet above sea level which, in turn, tempers the heat and humidity often associated with countries on the Equator. On average, this mountainous location only sees about 2.5 inches of rain per month, so there's little fear of debilitating thunderstorms.

Tanzania: The African country's central plateau and highlands exerience 'near-perfect' weather all year round thanks to the proximity of the continent's highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the cool winds from the Indian Ocean. Temperatures hover around 65 degrees F throughout the year, but if it gets too hot, you can always take a dip in Lake Victoria, the world's second largest freshwater lake.

Barcelona: Perched on the Mediterranean, this Spanish metropolis plays to its strengths: its playas! The weather is temperate all year round, with some bouts of warmer highs in the summer. Winter storms are few and far between, but the city has experienced the odd snow storm. Looking at averages, the mercury hovers around 70 degrees F with about 62 rainy days per year.

Dubai: Okay, if we're looking at cities with the least chance of winter storms, we must include a true desert locale. We know this place can get hot, hot, hot, but at least there's barely a chance of a rain delay at the airport. Averaging about 4 inches of rain per year, (yes, per year!) we can safely say that the United Arab Emirates may be the best place to dodge any weather storm, besides the odd sandstorm.

[Photos: J. Stephen Conn/Flickr,ryanxchow/Flickr]

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