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Travel Nightmare from 'Ice Friday' to Last All Weekend and Beyond

December 6, 2013 at 3:57 PM | by | Comments (0)

Let's close out the week with the kind of advisory that we always hate giving: if you're not traveling today and tomorrow, consider yourself lucky, because holy hell does it suck to be flying across the United States this weekend. There's a slim chance that you've managed to arrive get to one of the five warm weather destinations that we outlined earlier this morning - they're here if you want to confirm that you're among the chosen - but if not, wow does it suck to have anything to do with an airport right now.

It really, actually has come to this: News outlets have gone ahead and dubbed today "Ice Friday." Hundreds of flights were canceled across the country, not least of all because a storm decided to bury the Southeast and Texas with what people down there - allegedly - refer to as "weather." DFW alone had 500 cancellations.

That's the DFW that serves as the larges hub for American Airlines. The cascade effects in other airports have been, as you might expect, a veritable winter wonderland of travel magic.

Now that the storm has largely moved on from the Southeast and Texas, you might be thinking to yourself that travel late Saturday and early Sunday is a reasonable thing for human beings to attempt. Not so fast. It turns out that the system is moving east, and creating havoc as it continues.

The storm isn't the only winter travel related problem, by the by. It's just too damn cold out there. We got an email from a friend flying out of North Dakota this morning. We're not making this up. It'd be nice if we were this clever, but we're not. They kept passengers waiting inside the terminal for a long time because the plane was too cold for living things to enter. By the time it warmed up they had to restart the plane because it had frozen up.

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