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Crazy But True: Ryanair Lowers Fees and Increases Baggage Allowance

December 6, 2013 at 3:20 PM | by | Comments (0)

The impossible is possible. At least that's the lesson we've learned today, after the notoriously miserly European low-cost carrier Ryanair announced it would ease its policies on carry-on luggage.

Specifically, Ryanair will now allow its flyers to carry on 10 kg of hand luggage plus a second carry-on piece measuring no more than 35x20x20cm (14"x8"x8"). While that is still a relatively small allowance, at least it's free.

Additionally, Ryanair is reducing their "punishment" fee for passengers who do not print their boarding passes at home. Now, instead of €70/$95 each, the fee for printing a pass at the airport will be a far more reasonable €15/$20.

Future enhancements include mobile boarding passes expected in April 2014, and assigned seats as soon as February 2014.

In reality we suppose we shouldn't be so surprised, since earlier this year Ryanair finally came around to participating in social media with a new twitter account, and the intent to improve their customer service reputation.

Will all this work towards shedding a more positive light on the airline known for their picky nickel-and-diming? Time will tell, but it seems they're heading down the right road for customer reconciliation.

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