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Toronto's City Airport Has a Choice to Make for Porter Airlines

Where: Toronto, Canada
December 4, 2013 at 10:22 AM | by | Comments (0)

Things are moving along slowly but surely over at Bombardier, as the airline manufacturer gets ready to send their new C100s into the friendly skies. There’s already a few orders here and there, and now a local—as in one from Canada—is looking to get in on the new airplane smell.

As of now Porter Airlines is strictly a fan of propeller power, but it looks like they’re sold on the goings-on over at Bombardier. A little jet power could propel the carrier to spots beyond their usual range in and out of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, but before the planes and people can get to 35,000-feet there’s a lot of discussions that need to take place.

Right now there’s all kinds of rules and regulations regarding what Porter Airlines can and can’t use to take off, and that includes anything that’s powered by jet engines. It’s turboprop planes into the airport only at this point, but they certainly want to change things—or at least get some kind of exception to allow at least the C100s to do their thing in and out of the city’s more convenient airport.

Not to get political but the recent behaviors by one Mayor in particular—the one in Toronto—further complicates things. Mayor Rob Ford has been a big fan and supporter for bumping up the capabilities at the airport, but let’s just see his reelection is far from a guarantee.

For now it’s business as usual for the city’s airport and Porter Airlines, but be aware that bigger plans are very much in the work in the near future. The carrier wanted a decision sooner than later, but there’s a chance that things will remain the same until at least 2015. Sure we want to respect the noise and traffic in and around the airport, but we wouldn’t mind some Porter Airlines service from Toronto all the way over to Vancouver—or beyond.

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