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Five Essential Foodie Stops in Burlington, Vermont

December 4, 2013 at 11:25 AM | by | Comments (0)

Hot chocolate with a view of a chocolate factory...

Everyone has their own bests when it comes to foodie finds and locations, so we wanted to share ours with you—the best bits and bites in Burlington. With plenty of things to sip and sample it’s a good distraction from a day on the slopes, as there’s plenty of local flavor and Vermont variety from which to sample. So here are our picks for some quick not-to-miss options:

Myer’s Bagel Bakery

It’s time for breakfast and you’re in the need of something quick and unique, so look no further than Myer’s Bagel Bakery. It’s within walking distance of downtown if you don’t mind a stroll, and frankly it’s easy to drive right past if you’re in the car. It’s situated back from the road in an industrial looking building, but once inside you’ll see that’s it’s worth the trip. There’s a wood-burning oven inside, and the bagels are coming hot out of the oven beginning at like 4am each and every day. They’re more Montreal-style than New York-style, but that only adds to the greatness—it’s something you can't get elsewhere. Try whatever is hot out of the oven and you’ll be pleased, but if you need to choose just one flavor get the Montreal Spice.

You probably should order a second bagel...

Maple Creemee

Okay you might have to wait on this one, as it’s pretty much a sweet seasonal selection; however, it’s worth making your way through the long and cold winter just to score a taste of a maple creemee on the first warm day of the year. In it’s most basic form it’s maple flavored soft serve ice cream, but on a more complex level it’s the spring, the summer, and 100% Vermont all rolled into a cool and sweet treat. There’s all kinds of places to score a maple creemee, and we won’t claim to be experts on the best. So we’ll just share our choice, and it’s Burlington Bay Cafe just a few steps from the shores of Lake Champlain—feel free to thank us later.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Whether it’s a holiday, a special occasion, or just a Wednesday—there’s always room for chocolate. The best option in Burlington goes above and beyond the normal, as Lake Champlain Chocolates offers up top-notch candy bars, tasty truffles, and all things candy. There’s a location right in the Church Street Marketplace, but we suggest taking a stroll along the lake and then cutting over to check out the factory store location. Here you can take home some factory seconds at a discount, and you can even down a hot chocolate—complete with fresh marshmallows and whipped cream—with a view of one of the country’s best chocolate factories.

All the local goodies that you can handle...

Burlington Farmers' Market

There’s plenty of towns filled with farmers' markets and other fresh from the farm options, but Burlington is unique in that that the harvest continues all winter long. During the cooler months the town moves things inside, as the purveyors of fine produce setup shop at the Memorial Auditorium at the corner of South Union and Main Street. Sure there are veggies, baked goods, maple this, and Vermont that to bring home with you, but before making a decision load up on the free samples. Local wines, spirits, pies, roasted nuts, and plenty of salsa round out the options. Wash it down with freshly made lemonade and enjoy some of the live music up on the stage, and you’re ready for another lap around the auditorium.

Lucky Next Door

One of Burlington’s best bests for breakfast has got to be Penny Cluse Café, but even the owners know that there’s not enough room inside for those looking to dine—so they opened up a spot next door. Called Lucky Next Door the place started doing its thing in September, and it is a great place to swing in for a latte and bite to eat or to score a treat. The famous banana bread from the big sister restaurant is available at the next-door location, and there’s even a special blend of coffee from the local roasters over at Speeder & Earl's. So grab a seat, sit back, and enjoy your overindulgence.

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We're exploring Burlington as guests of Hotel Vermont, but all thoughts, opinions, and attempts at humor are our own.

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