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Collect Them All: Where and When to Attend Art Basel in 2014

December 6, 2013 at 12:11 PM | by | Comments (0)

This weekend sees the conclusion of yet another successful Art Basel Miami Beach, the modern art fair that annually draws over 50,000 visitors to do some $500 million in sales. It's a good time, trust, but it's actually only one of a set of three Art Basel events every year. If you enjoy yourself at one, add it to your iCal to collect all three in 2014:

Art Basel Hong Kong: May 15-18, 2014
This is the newest of the fairs (2014 will only be its second year!) and, as such, it's the one with the most potential and most buzz as it serves all of Asia.

Art Basel, Switzerland: June 19-22, 2014
The original, but also the least open to casual art lovers. It's what gives Art Basel its name, seeing as how it's held in Basel, Switzerland.

Art Basel Miami Beach: December 5-8, 2014
ABMB is always held in December, as it provides a happy escape from the first pangs of cold in gallery-heavy cities like New York and London.

For all the latest details, including how to exhibit or get involved with each event, visit the official Art Basel page.

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