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New Airline Alert: What's Up with 'UP' by El Al?

Where: Israel
December 3, 2013 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

The past few years have absolutely been high times for full-service airlines to stretch their legs and enter the low-cost carrier market. Singapore Airlines has Scoot, ANA has Peach and Vanilla Air, Thai Airways has Nok Air, Air Canada has Air Canada Rouge, and these are only a few examples. Now, El Al is getting in on the fun with their own little brother of an airline, UP by El Al.

The new airline will fly from Tel Aviv to five cities in Europe, giving cost-conscious travelers a new option between Israel and Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Prague and Larnaca. Offering the typical à la carte service model we've come to expect from budget airlines, Up will save passengers some cash with tickets to Prague and Budapest starting at $69, and the other destinations from $99 one-way.

Each flight will offer flyers two options for tickets; there's the aptly named "UP Basic," the cheapest, seat-only fare, and "UP Smart," the bundled option. The former will score you a seat in the economy cabin and require you to hand over your credit card for airport check-in, in-flight food & drink and a comfort pack. With the UP Smart fare, however, if a seat in the economy plus cabin is available, it's yours along with some food and drink. The more expensive fare also gets you access to El Al's King David Lounge in Ben Gurion International Airport.

No word on what type of plane will be flying these routes, but we can only guess some of El Al's shiny new 737-900s (shown above) will be doing some of the lifting. Irrespective of aircraft, we are digging the paint scheme for the new airline; a blue sky with fluffy white clouds dotted along the fuselage. In case the plane blends in with the sky too much, the tail sports El Al's Israeli flag colors.

[Photo: UP by El Al]

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