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Cross-Dressing Man Scales Newark Airport Fence, Hangs Out for a While

December 27, 2013 at 8:30 AM | by | Comment (1)

Roughly a year ago some poor soul got lost jet skiing in Jamaica Bay, and ended up shivering wet outside the fence at JFK. He proceeded to scale the airport's 8-foot fence, make his way across 2 runways, and enter Terminal 3. Good for him - how else was he expected to get warm - but bad for the Port Authority. The organization is ostensibly responsible for security at the airport, which presumably includes not letting a random guy in a neon yellow life jacket wander around runways and terminals undetected for hours at a time.

This year, there have been no life jacket-wearing New Yorkers embarrassing the Port Authority by effortlessly defeating one of their airport's security system. Instead it's a cross-dressing Jersey City resident. Airport security you guys; gosh we just don't know.

The New York Post reports that twenty four year old Siyah Bryant, wearing "women’s red pants and a smart brown sweater," had just wrapped up what the outlet describes as a "tryst in a car near the airport went bad." We're not going to give you the details of the date gone awry, but you can click thru to learn about how someone tried to boostrap a three-way with the world's lamest excuse.

For our purposes it's enough for you to know that Bryant - presumably in an awful funk - hopped the security fence at Newark Airport and proceeded to wander undetected for about a mile, crossing two runways in the process. He eventually tried to break into Terminal C from the outside, which is when he was detected and confronted by a United employee.

Very importantly, the exact same thing went wrong this time as last time. The Port Authority's security system at both JFK and Newark is known as PIDS - Perimeter Intrusion Detection System - and in both incidents it failed to detect someone hopping over a fence and walking around runways.

The Port Authority had reportedly spent $100 million on JFK's system when it failed to alert them last year. At Newark the PIDS setup reportedly costs more than $300 million. It was working. The cameras were operating. They just failed to spot an intruder. Again.

PIDS setups are also used by the Port Authority at La Guardia and Teterboro.

People should get fired. Come on.


[Photo: Fan Railer / Wiki Commons]

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