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Forget Swimming with Dolphins and Head to Exuma to Swim with PIGS

Where: Exuma Islands, Bahamas
December 27, 2013 at 10:07 AM | by | Comments (0)

A few years ago, a Jaunted contributor wrote a story about a beach in the Exuma Islands that had been overrun by wild pigs. While he was skeptical about the idea of sharing the sea with a bunch of hogs, this contributor jumped right into an experience that turned out to be one of the most memorable of his traveling career thus far.

The encounter is a combination of beautiful and bizarre from start to finish. Most tours bring you to "Pig Island" (officially called Big Major Cay) by boat from Great Exuma Island, meaning that you get to travel through the sparkling Exuma Island chain (about 360 islands), passing white-sand beaches and zipping around keys and cays through the greenish-blue waters of the untouched Caribbean.

The above is a video from our visit (produced by Mike Corey of Kick the Grind with a cameo by Will McGough of Wake and Wander). You can see us running down the beach at the end of the clip, tossing out vegetables as the pigs scramble after in pursuit. Despite being "wild," the pigs are extremely social and somewhat trained, at least in the sense that they understand you are there to feed them. As our boat approached the island, the pigs came running out of the woods when they heard the sound of the engine.

In other words, they know the deal. But that was charming in a way -- and definitely bizarre. As they swam out to us, we jumped in to join. One of the most surprising things was how good of swimmers the pigs were, churning their little feet, breathing loudly and snorting away but chugging along. When we got tired, we swam into shore, which ended with the scene described above. Check out the video for a glimpse.

For those interested in making their way to Pig Island, we can recommend these guys on Great Exuma.

[Photo: Will McGough for Jaunted]

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