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Trade Frequent Flyer Points for Fine Wines at Qantas' Sydney Lounge

December 26, 2013 at 1:26 PM | by | ()

Spending a little quiet time in an airport lounge is a perk only a fraction of travelers enjoy from time to time. Even then, it's even rarer to find a lounge with the big three: complimentary food, booze, and comfy chairs. That's why we highlight Qantas' Sydney lounge, and its new adventure in fine wine tasting.

Australians think their wines are among the tastiest and oenophiles around the world are increasingly agreeing, so it makes sense that the Red Roo is giving the opportunity to sample some of the best bottles from their own land. The airline's Business Class Lounge in Sydney now features a vending machine that dispenses sips (and also full pours) of Aussie reds and whites.

To take the machine for a spin, put your wallet away and prepare to exchange 'miles' for wine. Thirsty flyers swipe their membership card, select how much of a pour they're looking to taste, and then enjoy.

Ranging in "price" from 800 points for a little taste of Margaret River Icon to 6,500 for a half-pour of Penfold's Grange, wine-lovers have the ability to sip some vintages that would normally cost around $500 per bottle if real money were at play.

The machine is currently only on trial at Sydney's Business Class Lounge. If it proves successful, Qantas flyers may soon see it rolled out to other lounges across the country. During our hour-long chill in the lounge before some recent flights, we watched at least three passengers give it a go. The only question now is, how much of the allure is just the novelty of the thing?

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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