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What It's Like to Sit Next to Angelina Jolie (and Kids!) on an Airplane

December 23, 2013 at 1:07 PM | by | Comments (0)

If any type of gossip magazine is your guilty pleasure, you know that Angelina Jolie and her kids have been hanging out in Australia. The star has traveled to Oz not just to escape the harsh American winter, but because she's directing Unbroken, her new movie, down under.

Despite her busy schedule, she has been finding times to take her brood of six out for little Aussie field trips, feeding the paparazzi with images of fun in the southern summer. While we're not paps, we did happen to sit next to the celeb on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Brisbane this last weekend.

Angie, flying commercial?! Yeah, if we hadn't of seen it with our own eyes, we wouldn't have believed it either. Jolie actually boarded a regular flight and sat with the common people, albeit up in the front. One of these 'commoners' just happened to this Jaunted Contributor.

Here's my account of sitting next to one of the biggest celebrities on the planet:

It was a very routine flight for me, and I've flown the route many times without so much as a peek at a D-list celeb in the past. This time, however, I was quite surprised to see the business class cabin of the 767 practically full during seat selection, and even more shocked to see it only a quarter occupied during boarding. I was was lucky to choose seat 2J since it was one of the only spots available close to the front.

Just before the boarding door closed, the last-minute arrival of a group of kids and a few adults drew my attention. That's when I noticed a familiar face being carried by an even more familiar face shroud in dark sunglasses; Vivenne was "koala-ing" Angie.

Once her children and a team of four helpers/assistants buckled up, Angelina, decked out in her signature all-black and matching patent-leather Chanel heels, took her seat in 2F, directly across the aisle from me.

During the otherwise uneventful 60-minute flight, Angie was very pleasant to the cabin crew, and they addressed the star as "Ms. Jolie" at every interaction. At one moment, when Shiloh pointed to the emergency card and yelled across the cabin that she would like to leave the plane via the escape slide, Angie's mom-mode kicked in and she said, "there are better ways to exit the plane."

When lunch was served, passengers were offered three different lunch options with one of tray featuring a fresh cold salmon plate with a creamy potato salad. The star opted for the healthiest option, tucking into the fish with a glass of Shiraz. The meal finished with a fruit mince tart, which, coincidentally, was exactly what I ordered.

Upon landing in Brisbane, the entire entourage was first to disembark. The entire tribe was quickly escorted through a security door off the jet-bridge, undoubtedly into a private car on the tarmac. As it turns out, and as I overheard Angelina tell a flight attendant, the Jolie-Pitts are planning to spend Christmas in Australia's Sunshine State of Queensland. While Brad Pitt didn't join them on the flight, paparazzi pictures prove that he's already joined them on the Gold Coast beaches.

Our salmon lunch, same as Jolie's

[Photo: www.akmgsi.com, Jaunted]

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