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No Bikinis Needed for AirBaltic's 2014 Flight Attendant Calendar

Where: Riga, Latvia
December 26, 2013 at 11:09 AM | by | Comments (0)

AirBaltic, with a hub in Riga (Latvia), is yet another small European carrier making short, inexpensive hops to destinations as near as Vilnius, Lithuania and as far as Abu Dhabi, UAE. To set themselves apart from the mess of other Euro airlines sending around "Happy Holidays" e-greetings, AirBaltic this year employed drones to deliver some free tickets to unsuspecting fans.

To celebrate New Year's however, it's back to the old chestnut of selling a flight attendant calendar.

Unlike their neighbors to the east and west, the Latvian airline has actually chosen to keep their girls clothed for the photoshoot, also starring a few of their lime-liveried aircraft.

The calendar of 12 different AirBaltic beauties costs only 8.40 EUR on the website, but is supposedly 5 EUR if bought onboard.

Watch the "making of" video below:

[Photo: AirBaltic]

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