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TSA Now Using Cartoon Dogs to Explain Airport Security to Kids

December 20, 2013 at 6:23 PM | by | ()

Is there any chance that TSA is just trolling us now? Earlier this week there was the thing with the sock monkey, and him having a gun, and his gun getting taken away at security. We theorized at the time that it might be because the screeners were just fucking idiots, but now we're not so sure. Maybe they're just very, very clever about doing ostentatiously stupid things.

Before we go on, let's remember that TSA is an airport security agency that coalesced in the aftermath of the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks. There is something of a debate over whether it needs to exist, but one way or another it's the result of terrorism. Justified or not, the fact that TSA had to be invented kind of sucks. The way that security officials have to go about their business - what with the whole patting down Americans like criminals routine - also sucks.

So naturally TSA has launched a kids page to teach children all about why airports have blue-clad officers who take mommy and daddy to the corner and bad touch them (we're paraphrasing). There's even a "fun page." There's also a cartoon of a family going through security. Everyone in the cartoon is a dog.

This exists. The US government made a cartoon with dogs to teach children about the post-9/11 security regime.

If there's a silver lining to this silly cloud, it's that the conspiracy theorists are going to lose their minds. It's impossible to know what precise lunacy the backlash will take, but it will have something to do with how the government is trying to brainwash children into passively accepting tyranny. That's patently absurd, of course, since this government is apparently dominated by... by adjectives that we're not allowed to use, since it's the holiday season.

"TSA Kids." For fuck's sake.

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