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One Perfect Present: A Tiny Toiletry Ideal for Dopp Kits

December 19, 2013 at 4:22 PM | by | Comments (0)

There's so much crap travel gear out there that, all this week, we're wading through the muck to feature travel items truly worth giving as gifts. Every day, we'll feature one item we personally love and recommend and think you need in your travel life.

This present idea is divided into two, one for a guy and one for a gal.

For him: So LUSH Cosmetics, a company that makes much more than cosmetics, has these super cool things called "shampoo bars." Instead of relying on the iffy quality of hotel shampoo or messing with packing your own 3oz container of hair wash, throw one of these small, solid bars into your luggage.

There's 10 different bars, each with a distinctive scent and purpose. For example, our favorite—the campfire-scent "Soak and Float"—works to soothe irritated scalps and banish dandruff. Other bars address thinning hair, oily scalps and tangled tresses. Keep them in a tin for easy grab n' go.

For her: Frequent flying and the stress of switching time zones means lots of moisturizing to keep skin fresh and hydrated. It's just that we often overlook the importance of lips. You know when your lips crack on a flight or get that gross film towards the corners of your mouth? A teensy weeny dab of this sugar scrub exfoliates all that away.

It's not the cheapest thing ($22.50 for 0.6oz), but we bought one at Sephora 8 months ago and, after using a dab once every few days, we still have half yet to go. A new jar is actually on our own Xmas list right now.

Where to buy: Find the LUSH Shampoo bars on Lush's website or at LUSH boutiques around the country. Find the Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub online, at Sephora stores, or at Fresh stores around the country (we bought ours at the Fresh inside the Forum Shops at Caesar's in Las Vegas).

How much: The LUSH Shampoo bars run from $9.95 - $11.95. The Fresh Sugar lip polish is $22.50.

[Photos: LUSH & Fresh]

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