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Empty Your Fridge for Food Donations Before Holiday Travels

December 18, 2013 at 2:47 PM | by | Comments (0)

The holidays and New Years are about to hit, and with them the start to a fresh year of travels. The winter months may also mean you're prepping to jet off to warmer climes and, just before you do, check your refrigerator first. Are there still perfectly good fridge and pantry items left? Donate them to a local organization who'll use the items to feed those in need, people who aren't fortunate enough to be off on a big trip.

In large cities, Food Banks will happily accept individual donations while, in small cities, you'll have to give your local soup kitchen a call. In New York City, where residents are constantly impulse-buying yummies at Duane Reade without remembering that they're jetting off on a business trip the next day, the Food Bank of NYC has clearly outlined rules for such donations:

All items to be donated must be:
· In their original, unopened packages
· Within the expiration date on the package
· In plastic jars or containers, not glass

The glass bit does pose a concern, since you wouldn't then be able to donate perfectly good, unopened jars of Emeril Lagasse's pasta sauce. Still, looking in our fridge pictured above, we'd be able to donate the dozen eggs, the boxed soup, the bag of salad and the one unopened package of soba noodles. This goes a long way towards preparing for a trip just as it does much to benefit a few hungry New Yorkers.

Of course there's the airplane-size bottles of booze too, but we'll just have to save those for our return.

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