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Will the New American Airlines Livery Stay, or Will It Go Now?

December 17, 2013 at 9:55 AM | by | Comments (0)

With over 600 US Airways planes now a part of the "new American Airlines," it's time to head to the paint shop. But how to paint the planes now that the two airlines are one and have a chance at a fresh rebrand? This is the question right as the CEO of the merged airline, former US Airways CEO Doug Parker, asks employees: "...now that we have merged, are we going to keep the new American livery, or are we going to do something different?"

Although the decision is an internal one, that hasn't stopped both AA and US from opening it up to public comment. Yesterday evening, US Airways posted the above image of options to their Instagram. American also shared it to their Facebook page, garnering almost 6,500 likes and 10,800 comments as of this morning.

Both airlines used the exact same phrasing:

Today our people begin voting on the final design for American Airlines tail livery. The choice is to keep the new flag tail or switch to the previous AA tail. What would you choose? #keep or #switch

Although the question put forth was essentially a simple yay or nay, the comments even include more than a few photoshopped alternatives submitted by fans.

On the other hand, American and US Airways have at least already demonstrated that they're cool with each other's different high-vis vests. American updated their Facebook Cover Photo on December 9, to coincide with the announcement of the merger's completion.

Whatever way the cookie crumbles, employees have until January 2 to voice their opinions on the look.

[Image: American]

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